What should I do when he holds onto my hip and kisses me on the head? What should I do to show him I like it?

My boyfriend was walking me to my bus stop last night, (after our date) and while we were walking through the parking lot and I almost got hit by a truck. He felt really bad cause it scared the crap out of me, so to comfort me he hugged me and we kept walking. When we got out of the parking lot there was no sidewalk, so we walked on the grass/in the snow. I kept stumbling so he grabbed my waist as we walked. After a few minutes I stumbled again and it was really funny, so he pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head. When we eventually got to my bus stop, he tried to push me out of the view of the bus driver, so I wouldn't have to leave and we could spend more time together. The bus saw us and stopped, but when I gave him his hug goodbye, he wouldn't let me go.


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  • well if he really is your boyfriend, then easiest way of showing him you like it would be to just tell him. in a relationship you should be able to talk about things.

    if that isn't your way of doing things or you want it a little more romantic, then you could start by showing him your satisfied and happy face with a nice smile or whatever your way of looking is when you are happy. again, if the both of you are together he should know the look of joy on your face.

    third possibility could have been to go with the flow, if you are into it, and just told the buss driver you would take the next one and stay with your boy. maybe even taking the initiative and pushing him away behind a corner or a tree or something and showing him your affection with kissing.

    those are just my ideas of how you could let him know you like what he did and how he treats you.


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  • Wow.. seems like he doesn't want to leave you.. :D

    next time when you meet him then tell him how you feel about him, when you get comfortable again and give him a kiss afterwards.. ^_^

  • just smile and then put your head against his chest or shoulder while letting his arms wrap around you. Kissing a girl on the forehead is a very protective kiss, you can respond like I described to let him feel how you like that feeling.

    You guys have a wonderful Christmas and New year!

  • Just be frank with him. Tell him how much you love and appreciate how protective he is of you. Honesty is a good thing with a good man.


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