Guys: the meaning of "I'll take a rain check"

Ok! A guy I have hooked up with a couple times was in the area and stopped by my office. After he left he sent me texts like " you're great, wish I could have spent more time in Clev." And all these flirtatious texts. So when I was in his part of town a week later I said "hey if I get This account come get a with me." He replied with "congrats! I'll take a rain check" is this a blow off. Because he was the one talking me all up the week before. I am confused


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  • The phrase means he can't make it this time, but he'll still like to another time. I know some people use it in a wrong way, but that's what it means.


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  • He was busy. Doesn't really sound like a blow-off but only he can answer that, not anyone here.


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