Could I have done the damage to my relationship, I'm so hurt right now. Help

My boyfriend and I broke up two days ago, I'm so heart broken and I don't know what to do at this point, I'm so sad and suicidal. Since I felt like... Show More

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  • *hug*

    Good news first. Its obvious your both very much mutually involved :).

    You won't so much have damaged your relationship as caused it a lot of stress. Guys tend to try to deal with stuff "cut and dry". They don't tend to work very well in the arena of emotional subtilty, which is a pity because that's exactly what most females really are.

    If your guy was already feeling a little insecure (maybe you have a lot of close male friends, maybe before you went out you said "just friends" for a long time.. maybe he just can't believe someone as perfect as you could be serious about him.. there's a million possibilities and its a very likely thing unless he is the one with lots of girls after him); That little chat might have made him falsely forsee another round of "lets just be friends" followed by lots of pain and anguish. Guys, tend to want to keep their pride. Him jumping right to breaking up is a way to try and keep that alive.

    Anyway.. enough about how I can see the issue which may or maynot be right.

    The answer to your main question is, you have certainly put a stress on your relationship.

    You have learned a lot from this though. You now know how deeply you feel for your man. You know your more serious than you thought. Express how you feel to him. Take the risk he might be worth it.

    If you get worried, don't try and break up or take a break.. talk out your fears with him.

    I hope he's worth your heart,

    Good luck

    (and don't cry.. you haven't lost him or messed up terminally.. put that emotional energy into doing the right things now :))