Should I continue to date my married boyfriend?

We've been together for two years but he has been married for 5. They have a child together and he doesn't want to go to court and deal with that. He also doesn't want the child to grow up without one parent. But I'm fed up with I and would like some advice. Should I leave him or make him pick a divorce or leave because its becoming a major issue.


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  • If you are really serious and fed up with this problem then yes I think you should give him ann ultimatum, because if you do not it will continue like it has for the past 5 years for you if you do not give him one. good luck!


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  • Ha, your affair is becoming a major issue? I think you're a bit silly to expect this to play out like a relationship where it's appropriate for two people to be together. You're in between him and his marriage/home life, what did you think would happen?


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  • Did you know he was married when you first started dating him? You could give him an ultimatum,but to be honest he has been married longer than he has been with you and there is a child involved so he is going to have to be involved with his wife and the child forever,at the end of the day it seems if he had to chose between seeing you and his child,he'd pick his child. You have to realize whether he actually wants to be with you forever or are you just the other woman he has whilst he's still married and not wanting to change it the situation that he is in. You could end up hurting more as a result if you stick around and he may not even care if that happens because he has his little family that does not include you.