Why did they act weird when I brought a girl?

I went to a party and brought a date with me. I was the only one out of my classmates who did and I introduced her to everyone and... it just felt weird. Because this was the first time any of them had seen me with a girl outside our class and because it was the first time I brought someone from my world into that world.

It was like two different worlds colliding. And my classmates, most of whom are girls, all acted a bit weird. One of them kept smiling at me and the other usually would ignore me in real life, but whenever I walked past by her with my date she kept calling my name.

And we didn't stick around to talk, me and the date pretty much went on our own and had fun. Is there some psychosocial reason why the atmosphere felt so weird?


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  • girls will suddenly become attracted to guys when they see they have a girlfriend or a date or anything. its like a "hey if someone else could deal with them than maybe I could" or its like a "hey I don't like that girl (because that's what girls do, they hate other girls isntantly for some reason) and I'm gonna take that guy from her"


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  • umm how should we know? maybee your girl was giving the stink eye, maybe she stunk..lol maybe the girls were jealous of her beauty... maybe they wanted to get to know her but were intimidated... could be many things...


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  • Jealousy bro, girls want what they can't have. as soon as they realized they can't have you they realized they wanted you

    • but I haven't heard from them/seen them since. It's been a couple of weeks. Although I see them again when the semester resumes.