Girls, have you read the book 'Why Men Love Bitches'?

I'm reading it now and it makes so much sense to me.

If you've read it, what's your opinion on the book?

- this applies to dating "rules", that's why I put it in 'dating' -


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  • Never read the book, but the title is all wrong. We don't love bitches. It's just girls that are too nice, who call girls who do stand up for themselves bitches.

    • The book is meant for the pushover girls, meant to set better boundaries. And they don't literally mean a 'bitch', but a woman who stands up for herself.

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    • Great. very charming answer, thanks.

    • By the way with "Never read the book" I don't mean "I advice you never to read the book." I meant "I have never read the book."

      I'm guessing the fact the word is spelled the same in present and past tense caused a misunderstanding.


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  • To me a bitch implied rudeness, arrogance or no respect for people/herself. That's not a woman I want to be with.

    • Read the book, it's not about literally being a bitch. If you don't want to read the book/ have no interest in the book: why are you answering this question? lol

  • im guessing the book is saying guys love sluts rather than bitches lol as in we like easy women? if so then it kinda answers itself anyway lol why do we like easy women? because... its easy

    • No, it's not about easy women

    • oh in which case I don't agree with the book I can't be doing with a bitch, it would piss me off way too much

  • Actually - as soon as I notice any slightest hints of bitchiness about a girl I cut her off completely.

    But I'm not your typical 'serial dater' so perhaps I live under different rules and principles.

  • "Zodiac Unmasked" by Arthur Graysmith


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  • Read both Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches. Enjoyed her humor very much.

    I was in Barnes and Nobles. It was sitting on a table so I sat down and pretty soon I had read and laughed to the end! XD

    Sherry says bitch to be funny but defines bitch as any woman who is confident/NOT being a doormat; has her own life and doesn't tolerate disrespect.

    The ultimate goal of her book is telling women to believe in who they are and to be confident/be themselves. For this reason I love it. Wish she wrote more. She made me laugh a lot.

  • No, not yet. thinking about reading it.