When to stop?

i asked a girl out she said yes... 2hours before the date she left me fb message she can't hang out...then nothing so am like OK she doesn't like me then like 2 days later she like I was just busy...still didn't tell me why so am like OK.. then next weekend says yes... then kinda ignores me until the date ...soo I confront her and am like why don't you just tell me no.? she makes excuse says she likes me...then kinda falls off the face of the earth again...i mean she showing no interest in me but keeps saying yes and making excuses for avoiding me ...at this point I want her just to tell me she doesn't wanna go out with me so I can forget about it seems like she just avoiding conflict but idk


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  • Just stop asking her and ignore her.

    • i kinda did at one point then she texted me and I ended up being pulled back in I don't know your right its the obvious thing to do but hard to give up when she keeps sayin she likes me


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  • Don't talk to her for a week or so, she'll understand how you feel then suddenly text her out of the blue. And even if she does try to text you DON'T reply back. Then the next time you do text her hit her with one of her famous excuses.

  • just wait it out, maybe something came up...


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