I'm kind of behind, I need general help...

Right now I am living in China, and I am moving back to America in 5 months. I am American and a lot of people call me pretty but honestly I am a little worried about fitting in. I mean I don't know how average high school girls act and talk and do stuff... Since I spent most of my middle school and some high school life in China, around mostly sheltered people. I need some help. Mostly on dating and what is normal when... like first dates and PDA and that stuff... anything will help.


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  • Now, it is kinda of twisted but you are a beauty so you'll have no problem fitting in (probably). However just like many people have said here just be yourself and stay grounded. Don't do anything stupid to fit in because that just comes back and bites your ass. For dating, dear lordy just read everything here lol. Ask questions and for the love of pearl if you get into a relationship do not, I stess DONT NOT be afraid to communicate. So many things fail because people do not communicate with each other.

    Oh, make sure to have a shield on hand because high school can be a bunch of drama.


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  • china! its cool, how is their foods? LOL ,i don't know if china 's Culture be so different than here, but I think you just should ask some of your friends that is from there,to be sure,but I think in first date, just go out, try to understand his person ,i mean look at his behind how he act ,how he talks,and this things,don't kiss his lips in first date because he could think you are so alone or something like this,and just be yourself when you don't like somethings then say it , being yourself is most important thing,

    • Thanks... and the food is pretty bad... no spring rolls -_-

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    • Its not that bad, I can talk pretty well. Not fluently, but pretty well. But one word could have like 6 different meanings. But once you learn, you sound pretty cool when you go on rants and give speeches... :)

    • well, I had plan for learning it but the first time I started I was like WTF it has like so many script!( not sure ,because the book I bought was pretty hard and really confusing ) and writing in china is like you write one word and it has so meanings,like I see in movies the person just write tow words and it has mean like "oh hey how are you, did you kill Emperor? oh you should do that because they will come to kills us soon" :D

  • Firstly, ??.

    Now, America is becoming more socially liberal by the year and by the month, even in a bible state like Texas where I live, kissing on the 1st date's not really frowned upon, pdas are normally fine as long as they're not continuous and not like making out in front of others. Average girl talk? God you tell me, I myself wish I knew.�

    • the ?'s were supposed to be nihao

  • Well I think you should meet some guy ( not Chinese ) go out with.. Have fun drink and bla bla so you can know... How to act !!
    But first where you live at china... Cause most of china not that good but have some places like Guangzhou. Wenzhou. Shanghai , Hk and macou like this may you can find some guy there
    If you need any help let me know I can fix u up with some one if you really want :)
    Hope I helped 😝

  • youll be fine the glory of America is you can just be yourself and if your pretty (which you are coming from a high school guy) people will gravitate twards you. just don't be afraid to put yourself out there... the people who don't give a sh*t and say what is on their mind and act exactly how they want to act are the people that are respected and loved.


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  • Just be yourself. Why try to be someone you're not, just for the purpose of fitting in? I'm sure that you'll manage better if you act normal and not like you're trying your best to appeal to everyone around you. If you want new friends, just try to be positive and social. When you've gotten some new friends, why not ask them about dating and all that stuff? I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help you out. Plus, it will give you a better insight on it, since they have actual first-hand experience. It's also a good way to bond. :)

  • Well you think your pretty and being pretty and dressing like you have money (which you probably do) is pretty much the most important thing in high school so I'm sure you'll be fine.