I'm kind of behind, I need general help...

Right now I am living in China, and I am moving back to America in 5 months. I am American and a lot of people call me pretty but honestly I am a little worried about fitting in. I mean I don't know how average high school girls act and talk and do stuff... Since I spent most of my middle school and some high school life in China, around mostly sheltered people. I need some help. Mostly on dating and what is normal when... like first dates and PDA and that stuff... anything will help.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Now, it is kinda of twisted but you are a beauty so you'll have no problem fitting in (probably). However just like many people have said here just be yourself and stay grounded. Don't do anything stupid to fit in because that just comes back and bites your ass. For dating, dear lordy just read everything here lol. Ask questions and for the love of pearl if you get into a relationship do not, I stess DONT NOT be afraid to communicate. So many things fail because people do not communicate with each other.

    Oh, make sure to have a shield on hand because high school can be a bunch of drama.