Huge fight with ex need advice

so I will say thank you up front this is my first post so I apologize if I'm in the wrong place and I'm sorry for how long it is but her we go I have been separated from my girlfriend or ex for two months we were in contact for the first month of the break up and yes I made all the classic mistakes beg plead and cried but nothing worked we stop talking for awhile and then she started texting me again but recently we stop all texting and convo but days 5 days ago I texted her saying I now know why youve been so distant I heard you have a new person in your life I hope your happy with him well she text me back telling me off I don't have a new one and I was acting stupid I was at work so I didn't see the text till I got out when I saw them there was like ten of them really mean and the last one was this hahahahahaha that's what I thought you don't have the guts to reply so I replyed I said I won't be text you anymore I'm still madly in love with you but you don't seem like you won't to fix things I'm f****n stupid to keep hoping for a lost cause she had wanted space so I told her I will give you all the f****n space you want I'm done trying you are a heartless person all I want is you but abvously you don't want that just on how you treat me I really fill bad for the fight but she steps all over me all the time and I finally got feed up and something must of happened cause normally she text back like whatever or something along those lines this time nothing was I wrong to stand up to her and is all hope lost now I was so good to her and her family and I will always love her her family still really likes me but she just can't see what I was to her I guess I no she is my ex for a reason but I really am trying hard to move on but I still love her like crazy any advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • Ok first of all I'm a girl.Secondly, I can tell you really loved her.She doesn't deserve someone like you.There should be no one person stepping over the next.It should be equal and you should care for one anothers feelings.If she really loved you,she wouldn't treat you so mean.If you wanna move on then cut off all contact with her because as soon as she sees you happy,then she'll try to move right back into your life trying to sound all sad and depressed to make you feel guilty .Im sorry that this heartless woman did this to you ond I hope this doesn't ruin your perception of all women because there is someone for you.You have to go through bad relationship to get to a good one.Trust me. I hope I helped


    • yes you have helped I've been so depressed cause I have worn my heart on my sleeves to show her how much I care but she acts like if I mean nothing to her when we see each other she will only look at me if I'm looking away but recently after that text I sent she text me marry Christmas I feel so stupid but I text back I'm still really hurt but I'm not that mean so marry Xmas with no reply I have a question why would she treat me this way and yes I'm afraid to try again just to get hurt


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  • Its OK to still love her, I mean you just recently stopped talking to her. But honestly in a few weeks maybe a month try to start moving on. Get out with friends socialize', keep busy as much as possible. Stay busy to keep your mind off of her and soon you will feel much better. Also the girl in the first answer is right, no one should treat you like that. When you do start dating again try to find someone who'll love & treat you the way you love and treat them. Don't settle for less

  • She treats you like this because she doesn't know how to love the other sex or what is proper love.May I ask your religious beliefs?

    • catholic why? is there something wrong with me cause its been like two months and I still really love her and still wish she would take me back even thought she treats me this way will I ever get over this is this all a big game to her cause when she gets me to text her she won't reply and when I don't text back her she gets mad wtf does this all mean

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