If he really liked me wouldn't he at least have text me merry christmas?

So I been seeing a guy...text everyday and today no text. Ik he's not worth his family because they are out of town so he will be with friends...but if I ment anything or he truly cared wouldn't he have text me marry Christmas at the least?


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  • Of course he would have texted you. It's not hard and takes a couple of seconds. Christmas day is a busy time, but when a guy likes a girl, he will find time to text her. The only excuse for not texting is having problems with.phone. in this century we do have other forms of communication too...


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  • Not necessarily. He may think you will be busy and not want to bother you. He may text you tonight. It's never a good idea to rate how your relationship is going by text messages. It's a gray area and will lead to a lot of frustration. It's the time you spend together that determines a relationship. Texts should be for communication only.

    • BUT... on the other hand they text everyday, why not on a special occasion like Christmass...

    • Like I said he may think she'll be with family. He may text her later.

    • I kinda feel sad like he's not thinking of me...but it is what it is!

  • I don't text on Christmas or even make phone calls unless I have to. I feel like it ruins the spirit of it with all the technology crap. Maybe he feels the same way.