Guys would you date a musician? Or is it lame?

Music is my passion so I feel really bless to be able to do that. Some people would say my goals are unrealistic but I believe in them and work really hated everyday for them. I'm a piano player a singer and a composer so I do lots of small gigs and also work a lot in bars and clubs. I've actually never dated a guy who wasn't working in music business so I don't know if normal guys will respect and appreciate what I do and not see this has just a hobbie or a delusional dream. So will you guys date a girl who did music for leaving? Why?


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  • I would because I feel an attraction toward girls who are musicians (it also helps that I play piano and sing for fun). The only thing that would deter me from dating her is if I never got to see her because she was always practicing or playing gigs.

  • iwish46 basically hit it on the head, in my opinion creativity is awesomely hot and I love music as well even though I don't play anything. However, if it was for a living, you being gone would suck ass


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