Boyfriend and I run into a girl he dated.....complete silence??

Boyfriend saw a girl he dated when we were getting into an elevator. She apparently lives in the building I now live in. When we entered the elevator, I saw that she waved, so I realized he had waved at her behind my back while entering the elevator. When we were in the elevator they said nothing to each other. He was standing sort of strange in her line of view, but nothing was spoken. Sort of an awkward moment as I had realized he had been the one to wave to her. I later questioned him about it and he said he knew her and that they had gone on a date. He seemed very nervous when telling me this. I questioned why if they had only been on one date, was it so awkward to say hello or even say anything to each other. She walked out of the elevator sort of annoyed and didn't say a peep.

I'm wondering why they would be so quiet if things had ended OK between the two of them. If I had seen someone I dated, and things had ended fine after ONE date, I don't think it would be very hard to at least say hello. If they had only been on a date, why would it be so awkward and silent?I was standing there, but it makes me question if something went on between the both of them, or may have still gone on. We were in a long distance relationship for a while. He told me she went to the same gym as him as well but he hadn't seen her in a while. My boyfriend was very open about it when we got off the elevator, but also seemed a bit nervous.

Wondering what others might think? It sort of bother's me as I feel he may have dated her while I was away. If not that, that he must've done something for her to seem so annoyed when exiting the elevator.



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  • 1. why MUST he have waved to her? she could had waved to him when she saw him and knowing the little attention guys pay when walking around that's probably what happened lol

    2. A lot of girls, (including you by the sounds of it) get jealous of past flings, so its no surprise that he was trying his hardest not to talk or show any interest in her

    3. He would be open afterward, cause if he wasn't you would get more jealous, and he was probably nervous cause he diddnt want to deal with a jealous girlfriend.

    4.Your deluded, its almost ALWAYS awekward with an ex, especially if you have the chance of running in to them regularly.

    leave the poor guy be


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  • its a random encounter that neither expected. its awkward to see them because they ended it. If they ended it like that they obviously didn't like each other after the one date. they have no real reason to be all cheery saying hello

  • He doesn't need to do anything really.

  • You are obviously a control freak and of course if he did wave to her he would do it behind your back. I hope for his sake he leaves you.

    • You don't know me buddy.

    • Might not but I am right

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  • Lol. My boyfriend and I met when a guy had to cancel a second date. My boyfriend, within an hour of the guy cancelling grabbed the opportunity (after ensuring that I wasn't the least bit upset about it), and asked me out.

    Recently, while out Christmas shopping at Target, I glanced over and saw the guy that had to cancel on, and recalled him mentioning working at a Target. Even though it had only been one date, it was definitely awkward to me. Lol. I didn't say a word until we got home to avoid unnecessary awkwardness. He was humored by it though, not offended. He seemed to understand completely why I wouldn't want to introduce him to a guy that I'd not even bothered to pursue in the first place.

  • You over thinking this way to much.

    They went on a date, it didn't last and it is always weird running into a past flame

    They obviously don't keep in touch because they didn't speak or even say hello

  • It's possible that he thought you would get dramatic and make a big deal out of it if he said more to her.

    So many guys assume every girl is a drama queen and can't handle the simplest situations like that.

  • It is awkward to suddenly meet someone you had feelings for previously, especially the first time in a very long while.

    Just calm down and trust him a little. He is your boyfriend, give him some trust.