What is a good first date idea?

Basically I met a girl on POF, and after sending a few messages back and forth, we started to text, and have been for the last month or so. She's out of town for the holidays, but I asked her if she would want to go out sometime when she gets back and she said yes.I think coffee might be a little boring seeing as we've been chatting for so long. I can't think of anything though. Would dinner be too boring?


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  • Mini golf

    A carnival/fair

    A cooking class

    A pistol range

    Basically any touristy activity that's fun can work. Keep it short duration and some place with lots of people so both of you feel safe. Do it mid-day and if it's going well, it can extend into a dinner. Sporting events, movies and places where you can't talk aren't great, and just dinner can be intimidating for some reason.

    Activities kick ass.


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  • Bowling, for a coffee maybe and do something afterward like mini golf or something like that where you can bond and have fun.


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  • Take her to a bad part of town; that would get your blood pumping.