What should I do with my ex boyfriend?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up since the end of April. We have talked since September then he went off to school for his Senior year of college (in a frat, part of the reason for the break up, I believe). I gave him his space and in November wished him a happy Thanksgiving by text message. After that, he went back to school and then now he is done for the semester and is home for a month. We texted on Christmas but of course I had to initiate the contact. I asked him why he didn't wish me one first and he said he didn't to anyone. I thought it was an appropriate time for me to tell him how I really feel, so I said I missed him and he was my best friend. He responded by saying he knows what I mean and all he likes at home is his brother. I responded guess you don't miss him and his response was "i kinda like being single, but I do miss you at times." I asked him if he would want to go out to lunch one day over break and he said sure. What do you think I should do? Should I send him a text to set up a lunch date and if so what should I talk about?


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  • Ya set up the lunch date. Just talk about life. Don't talk about how you miss him and all that stuff cause your going to scare him off. Just ask him about school and what his plans are.. he'll want to know how your doing so tell him what your doing and planning on doing. Just talk to him like he;s your best friend.

    Good luck. Hope this helped a little.

    • Yes thanks so much!

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    • You don't talk to him on a regular basis right? I would recommend trying to organize one for this Saturday but keeping in mind that it's the Christmas and New years season so he will be busy and might want to hang out with his fam and friends. But ask him what time is good for him.

    • I don't talk to him on a regular basis. The last time I texted him was the week of his finals which was a week before Christmas.(to tell him good luck). Then I texted him Christmas. I'm just confused about what I should do since he is saying he kinda likes being single but then misses me. So which one is it. He has been honest with me through out everything. I think the reason he likes being single is because he still at a party school, Rutgers and in a stupid frat. I have gone out but I can

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  • if you want to talk to him and see him again than sure. but don't do it with an expectation of getting back together. its obviously not what he wants and that new relationship would be doomed from the start because of the history between the two of you

  • Yes set it up and keep the conversation light and fun.


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  • I really think the best idea is to just move on until he contacts you someday. He knows that you are readily available for him and he's never going to initiate anything unless you just let him go. My recent ex has been doing this (what you are doing) and I feel suffocated. Believe me.. if he's not initiating anything, just let him go.

    • Wouldn't that mean I would lose him for good? In our relationship, I have always been more the person to set up plans, text first, he doesn't really use the phone much.