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What the heck is going on? Is he interested?

I've been dating this guy...we've hung out 11 times over a 2 month period. We're even seeing each other on New Years Eve. In the beginning, he used... Show More

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  • It's X-mas. He's probably super busy with his family. Especially if he has a big one. According to his response it doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about or he would have been more short in his answer like, Merry Christmas, & nothing more.

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  • god forbid a girl text a guy occasionally.

    he's excited to see you on new years, your going to go out and have a good time. you aren't in a committed long term relationship yet so he shouldn't have to talk to you every day. he has his own life and so do you. its not like he's dropping those plans

  • Relax the f.uck up, its the holiday season he is busy and said he's excited about nye, unless he clearly flakes on you, plans are still as is and don't overanalyze.

  • or instead of all of those ridiculously overthought answers lol, he was busy with the busiest day of the year so forgot to reply or something, and a lot of people like new years eve, its a big party fresh start blah blah really girls need to stop reading into things that arnt there lol to me it sounds like he's just carrying on the conversation

  • Wow. You keep count of how many times you hung out? You put the HO in PSYCHO.

  • i think it could be one of two things

    ether he has just been really busy for the holidays with his family and friends


    he has met someone else but this one is probably unlikely if he replied he is still excited for NYE

    just chill out and wait for the day to come, guys sometimes don't know what to say over the phone or just don't like texting everyday because usually that will make things boring. you have to have something to talk about when your in person instead of using up all the convo's over text

  • Maybe he is busy with something. I don't call my interests every day, nobody does.

  • Still seems interested, texting every day isn't that great of an idea anyways.

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