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This guy I am seeing ...

Says that he only wants to have fun, ask me to not date other guys but he is still on that dating/meet up website (maybe flirting with girls who... Show More

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  • Well he probably isn't serious about you.But he thinks you are a lot more into him than he is into you.All in all, he's giving you an ultimatum. That's plenty enough to dump him and look for someone genuinely interested in you.

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What Guys Said 12

  • so he's got the usual double standards...and is pretty open that he only wants sex. I don't see what you have to seek advice about. The situation is prety clear from my point of view!

    • The thing is that he is making me confused not wanting to date other men and now he just said it's fine If I don't want sex, but he would enjoy more to have it...

    • He hsn't given ou any sort of commitment, so why can he suggest you don't see other people?

  • If you're not ready to have sex with him then dump him. He's selfish and controlling. He wants his cake and to eat it too, meanwhile he wants you to be satisfied with the glass of water he hands you.1) if you're not in a relationship he should have no control over you looking for a real relationship2) he is clearly keeping his options available3) he doesn't respect women enough to treat them as equals or listen to and heed their requestsEven you haven't dumped him yet, do it now!

  • what is it that you can't read here young lady?He want's sex and that's that. Why are you even looking at him for anything else?:

  • he wants to hit it and quit it, you decide if that's what you wnat.

  • Do not meet again. Simple as that. If he is that interested in sex and NOT you then he needs to understand that slowing down would have helped his chances a lot more...am I right or am I right.Max Prime

  • Definitely don't have sex with him, he's just using you. He pretty much admitted straight up that he only wants to sleep around but is too insecure for his partners to do the same

  • Do yourself one of the biggest favours you will ever do and tell the guy to bugger off.This is not a relationship, he is like a parasite trying to obtain sex.If sex is all he wants from you, what kind of a relationship is that.Go find someone else :)

  • No. Tell him he should have sex. He should have all the sex he wants. You on the other hand are going to wait for someone who is dedicated to just you. A party favor is passed out and your not a party favor to be used and dumped.

  • your better off just moving onto someone else. this guy obviously just wants to get laid by multiple people but wants to be the only one for all these girls. its stupid, this guy is just a heartache waiting to happen

  • Well don't know what to say other than the guy is clearly using you, why bother with him unless you only want fun too.

  • well since your asking this you shouldn't be having sex, that much is simple because it means you can't trust him, but my advise would be this, make him leave all dating sites and then be in a "relationship" for a few months before you do anything or you can tell him and look for someone who seems a little more genuinely into you.

    • true if he was interested he would be stopping looking for

What Girls Said 2

  • you should move on. seriously it's not worth it. he sounds like a horn dog with a harem.

  • If you do not want to have sex with him, then don't. Based on what you've said he is only interested in having sex with you. Just because he's the jealous type who doesn't want you having sex with other guys does not mean that he cares about you at all...he is just a meanie who doesn't like to share. Guys usually say what they mean, and he was honest enough to state the fact that he is only interested in having fun. He has no plans for a commitment. Why stay with someone who only wants you for one thing...and that one thing not being your heart? You should dump him before he dumps you. Don't sleep with him...

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