Why is he acting this way? I really need some insight.

To make a long story short I ended up hooking up with one of my neighbors who lives literally right across the hall from me. We hooked up like 5 times within a week. Now he's been completely ignoring me the past couple of weeks. I have only texted him like 3 times since then and the last time I texted him was Christmas Eve to say Merry Christmas and he hasn't responded of course. I'm not going to text him at all.. hoping it will make him wonder why I haven't. But I get tempted to go and knock on his door and ask him what his problem is LOL but I'm definitely not going to do that either. Is there a chance he's still thinking about me at all? Or should I just completely forget about him? Go back to how it was before we started hooking up?


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  • depends how long you have known him.. if you have known him for quite some time he's playing mind games. if youve only just start hanging around and speaking to him then he's just cut it off cos he's a typical lad


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  • sorry but it's over, he got what he wanted and it's done. if he wants to talk to you he will ,but I wouldn't count on it.