Why do most guys rather date a okay looking girl over a fine one ?

Why are most men afraid of having a relationship with a gorgeous girl?

They rather pick the okay looking girl over the gorgeous one ! I honestly

Don't get it

I don't know why am getting attacked here by those 2 males... I'm not shallow or

What ever you guys are thinking.. its just a question! I see that all the time

Guys dating ugly girls and the good looking ones are almost always



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  • Because okay looking girls are more safe to have a relationship with. Gorgeous girls constantly have guys approaching them, chasing them and trying to seduce them. It's hard to trust a girl who is gorgeous because all that attention will make a guy insecure and jealous and he won't trust her as much. She more likely to be able to cheat because she has more guys to pick from, whether she is in a relationship already or not. Okay looking girls don't have as many options and because she isn't as good looking as the gorgeous girl she is less likely to cheat.


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  • Several reasons (and to a large degree, they are true when the guy is especially attractive and the girl is more average too):

    1. Many guys think that hot girls won't date them, and they don't want to be rejected or risk asking a girl if the chances of rejection are very high. If he feels that she is "out of his league", he usually won't bother asking. There are legitimate reasons for him to feel that way; many attractive girls aren't shy about telling guys, loudly and publicly, that they are "beneath her" and not good enough to date her, especially when they are younger. That's a very painful, ego-sapping lesson to learn, and one most guys learn very well.

    2. Many hot girls can be hard to get to know, because they ARE hit on a lot, and mostly by guys who just want sex from them, and don't respect them as a person. Hot girls often put up big walls to protect themselves, and that can create a lot more work for a decent guy to get to know her.

    3. Many hot girls KNOW they're hot, and have gotten used to using their attractiveness to get their way, to get "stuff" (money, gifts, bills paid, etc.) from guys, or just to "excuse" her bad behavior. Despite their acknowledged physical beauty, many guys won't be attracted to them because of their ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR.

    When a guy feels like he's on the same level as the girl, he will be more confident, and that in turn will make him more attractive to her (in most cases), and his success rate in getting her to say "yes" will be much higher, further reinforcing the idea that he should play "at his level" and not try to extend his reach too far.

    NOTE: I don't necessarily agree with that, but I fully understand how people can come to that conclusion based on their own experiences.

    • Thank you! That was very understandable, and I totally agree

  • If they know they can get her most guys would go for the better looking girl.

    I'd guess you either are not using male ideas of hot or all other things are not equal.

  • Your idea about "good looking" or 'hot' or 'gorgeous' or 'ugly' might not be mine.

    Your idea about 'nice' isn't certainly mine.

    I've had my share, I'm vaccinated now.

  • Maybe there's something about the "okay" girl's personality. If you're talking about yourself as being the fine and gorgeous one, I can already guess something that might be driving the guys away, just from your three sentence post, but you're not going to like it.

    • You can tell me. Am very understanding...

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    • I won't lie, I do dress really sexy to work and they stand there and droll

      Trying to guess where am I from and saying all those cheesy pick up lines, that

      Are not going to take them anywhere

    • Ok, so what do you do to flirt with these guys? Apart from dressing nice.

  • many answers I read are spot on, I won't deny that a hot girl draws more attention and therefore a man can feel more insecure or always defensive, but also, being honest I for one am not like that, I know iwhen I am with a gorgeous girl that other guys will hit on her and it'll be more likely for her to feel temted and leave me or cheat on me, but I don't worrie, since if she does then well... she wasn't the one for me, now was I for her. something a little more real to me is the fact that, and hope you don't feel offended, but put yourself on boys's shoes, do you only ever date 10's?, is easy to see why would you date a 10, if the boy is extremely handsome he can basically say anything or do anything and you'll still give him a chance, but the less handsome he is, the harder he would have to work to get your attention, some girls who are 10's would date a 6 o are a 5, but the guy shopuld have to work superhard and even then, she will always be the "generous" one, and guy would feel like she is with him almost for pitty, unless the girl trully is able to see his deep high value and treasures him as much as he does to her, and well, a superhot woman would expect to be treated as "the price", ane good friend of mine who is gorgeous would always ridiculize even the guys she likes claiming "have to make him fight for it", some are not that bitchy, but since must of them think of themselves as the price, they may not make you feel castrated but they'll also just wait for you to work hard and they won't lift a finger, while, like guys that court a hotter girl, when the girl is more on the average side, she won't feel superior and would share the work, and I have to say it, I know a chubby girl who turned into an almost-pornstar in order to get a boy out of her league, you should know it, is GREAT to feel like you are desired or even chased, we can get it from girls who are average, but rarely from a girl who is quite hot, so if you are a hot girl, boys doesn't dislike you for being hot, they do because you don't make them feel like they have high value, if you can make your man feel "taller" than he is, feel special and secure (to the poitn that he┬┐'ll be like "yes, buys try to get her attention, but we are in love and only have eyes for each other") then you'll be a hot girl he can love deeply and would never have enough of you (that I can say about my girlfriend, she is a real treasure). but coldly speaking, the #1 reason is that, for the 2 things said before, you are desireable and have guys doing all the effort, most hot girls would either BE arrogant or SEEM arrogant, and arrogant may be sexy to look, but no one loves arrogant, if you are arrogant then find someone equally cocky, if you are not, then make an effort to show it more so people don't get the wrong idea about you

  • A lot of the time, really good looking women are heavy ,maintenance and can become very high up their own backside, so guys will go for the fairer of the two, and also, so nice looking girls set their standards so high, its impossible for guys to match up, ie magazine articles telling them of success stories which makes them want more than they are ever going to be worth, which can happen to guys to, but I think, if good looking girls were easier attitude wise, then many more of them would see a great guy in someone they before chose to ignore,x

  • There comes a point where a girl starts to just look like "trouble." When a girl puts TOO much effort into her appearance, it begins to say things about her personality that men regard as negative and associate with high maintenance/self-centered narcissism.

  • Personality plays a role in it.

  • If you are looking for a long term deal average is always going to win.

    Fine will attract more trash than a trash truck. A guy does not want to spend his time with a girl who has stopped developing mentally and is locked on her looks. He does not want a girl who has every guy in town hitting on her. Also if she is fine and had many boyfriends she has a vagina loose enough to feel like everybody has been there first. Nothing fresh or good about fine.

    Good luck

  • Contrary to popular belief, we can also get a little self-conscious and become a little pessimistic about our chances with a 'gorgeous girl.' High school kinda screws that up. Also, sometimes the more beautiful girls can get a little full of themselves. I've found one of the exceptions, but unfortunately, stereotypes make it harder for those exceptions out there. I'm sorry your experiences haven't been that great, but hang in there! We're not all the same.

  • As long as I'm attracted it doesn't matter that much although I'd more than likely favor a prettier girl if that's the independent variable. My last girl was really stunning.

  • Because hotness isn't just physical. A really beautiful woman with a bad attitude or personality is just a cute pain in the ass. A girl without quite that exterior beauty but who is more attractive in other ways can kick her butt in overall hotness.

  • Guys make up excuses as to why they are not good enough to date attractive women. Unfortunately I am no better. And I too don't get it! It's annoying

    • Can you explain that ?

    • They will make excuses like "she's out of my league" "she probably has a boyfriend" or "she looks like she doesn't want to be bothered" basically we talk ourselves out of approaching and we end up settling.

  • It comes down to expectations for a relationship. Society has trained men (just like women) that they have to be Denzel Washington or Jude Law to honestly have a real chance with a girl like that. They are intimidated because they might find they can't satisfy her either sexually or emotionally so they just let sleeping dogs lie.

  • It's not all looks. I don't see many 'gorgeous' girls they all seem to be normal..

    Those girls may be nicer, have a sense of humour, not stuck up.. etc.

    Men aren't afraid of having a relationship with a gorgeous girl, if those girls showed some initiative and asked out a few guys I'm sure they wouldn't be single.

  • Because a fine woman is like a fine Italian car, you want to have it but once you get it you only drive it once a month and always keep it in the garage becasue it costs to much to maintain. But an okay looking girl is like a Honda you can take it anywhere it doesn't really cost a lot and everyone has one or one like it. sorry for using cars but what I am trying to get at is that fine women are just there we like to look at them, we love to have sex with them, but we would never marry them. That is how I feel anyway, I am sure others feel differently.

    • Ur answer is by far the best, because you didn't mention anything about


    • thank you,

  • Too much maintenance. I don't know where you're from, but where I come from all the pretty girls are taken, and all the ugly ones are single.

  • Stunnign women are nice to look at but are single a lot because girls seem to be up themselves if they know there hot, YOU might not be but there's so many who are why should a guy take the chance? If he can get an "average" girl who is still pretty in their own way, a guy will still enjoy shagging her but then will most likely enjoy the rest of the time as well.

    we all like a fancy pastry from time to time but we always go back to having the cake cause it tends to last longer and satisfy you a lot better.

    If your having problems cause you think your being over pretty then perhaps (after reading some of the answers) you should try NOT dressing as sexy lol just being normal, you will find guys a lot more willing to come talk to you if your a human being rather than something that looks like a goddess.

  • because gorgeous girls are constantly being chased by a lotta guys and unless the guy is really good looking, he's gonna be afraid that you're gonna cheat on him or leave him. and also, for me personally, I'm afraid of what her friends would say. I've personally had a girl's friends tell her she couldve done better when I asked her to the dance AFTER she had initially said yes, back in high school. and she ultimately agreed... biiiiiittttttttttttccccccchhhh

  • Simple. Because most men are scared when approaching a gorgeous girl. It's much less nerve-wracking to approach an OK-looking girl.

    If you think you're gorgeous, give more hints and flirt. Us guys are often clueless to the "subtle" hints you girls give us when interested.

  • It's not that we're afraid of dating gorgeous girls, it's that we feel they will turn us down, and rejection sucks. Really good looking girls may stay single because they have too many good looking options.

  • Maybe the TV is wrong and we're not all after only looks, maybe that OK looking girl is nice and you're not?

  • I see the opposite happening as well...I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. I'm sure you'll get someone eventually, just hang in there

  • A lot of good looking girls know it and are conceited. They have gone through life getting things because of their looks. They are usually high maintenance and not easy to deal with. A lot of hot girls are bad in bed. they think because they are so attractive they just need to play there and the guy will be happy because they are so good looking. Basically thier personality has been defined by physical appearance. Also they usually only want to date very attractive men. Usually they get treated like garbage because very attractive men can have the same flaw.

    "okay" looking girls as you call it tend to be much nicer. Not everything is about them. They usually have a much better sense of humor.

    This of course is a broad answer and of course not always true. But your question was broad.

  • Gorgeous girls just aren't worth the trouble.

  • I wouldn't turn the better one down just based on looks... but if I'm attracted physically to both but the okay one has a much better personality I'd chose her over the gorgeous one...

  • "Fine" ones usually have horrible personalities. They aren't very easy to get along with.

    That can be true for average girls but it's much less likely.

    I like nice girls, personally.

  • Funny thing is, I really would never in my life get into a relationship with a stunningly attractive girl.

    I'm sorry. She'd just have too many options for me.

    • And they're too much work

    • Damn you have no idea how f up that is

    • I agree, it is f***ed up. I just feel like you can't be as laid back as you can with less attractive looking girls. Better be on your game at all times, because there's always another guy in her phone who's ready to step in and whatnot.

  • you the superhot girl, that intimidates some guys?

    what part of it don't you get? if you have a hard time getting the okey girl, why even bother with a hot one

  • In my opinion fine girls cheat more, flirt more, and get approached more...okay girls get approached twice a month maybe

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  • Agreed with anon, also, there is no "objective gorgeous" most people may think a girl is pretty but not all of them will think she's the sexiest thing alive. Those girls you refer to as "okay looking" are probably sexy as hell to those guys they date. Not every one thinks that super skinny huge tittied girls are the best, in fact I know more guys who really hate that body type than who like it.

    Not to mention if that's your attitude about the whole thing that's probably another turn off. Regardless of which side you think you're on that's either a really sour, bratty and nasty side of your personality that you're showing us here.You feel superior to every one else and look down on them as lesser beings because of their looks and then think you're some hot sh*t, totally unattractive. Or you're way too damn hard on yourself. You've gotta be confident, you can't just let the pictures society puts up as perfect run your life. Have some pride! Be happy with who you are, be confident, and show it off.

  • Because often if a girl is gorgeous and her personality sucks, then why wouldn't the guy go for the okay looking girl with the awesome personality? Maybe men are not really afraid, it's just that they're not shallow and are attracted to other things like brains, integrity, personality that the "gorgeous" girl is lacking.

  • Are we talking about models here? Or just pretty girls? Because almost every pretty girl I know has a boyfriend so I don't really know what you're talking about. Yes, lots of girls have guys (no matter if they are attractive or not) beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe you think she's ugly but the guy she's with thinks she's gorgeous. I have a boyfriend, are you saying he thinks I'm ok? When he in reality thinks I'm pretty?

    I understand you're asking a question here, and I have heard this before. But remember that not everyone has your ideal of beauty and that most guys would like a girl they have an attraction to. Because otherwise what the hell kind of a relationship do you have?

  • I just thought that really good looking girls would be more picky than average looking ones so they're more likely to be single unless they stumble upon a really good looking guy.

  • You remind me of someone hehe

    When you know someone and that someone might not be good looking but after you know that someone you eventually might like that person and love her/him personality and your view will change you might fall for that someone and think hey she/he is really pretty actually.

    Conclusion: Beauty is the eye of the beholder :-)

  • Just because a guy likes to stare at you t*ts, doesn't mean he likes or respects your personality.

  • I don't see this happening, haha!

    Uglier girls are always single and the gorgeous ones have men all over them, from what I've personally seen.

  • nobody likes to be rejected. And let's be honest, stunning women reject men who they think are not up to par.

  • Intimidated by how pretty she is