Why do most guys rather date a okay looking girl over a fine one ?

Why are most men afraid of having a relationship with a gorgeous girl?

They rather pick the okay looking girl over the gorgeous one ! I honestly

Don't get it

I don't know why am getting attacked here by those 2 males... I'm not shallow or

What ever you guys are thinking.. its just a question! I see that all the time

Guys dating ugly girls and the good looking ones are almost always



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  • Because okay looking girls are more safe to have a relationship with. Gorgeous girls constantly have guys approaching them, chasing them and trying to seduce them. It's hard to trust a girl who is gorgeous because all that attention will make a guy insecure and jealous and he won't trust her as much. She more likely to be able to cheat because she has more guys to pick from, whether she is in a relationship already or not. Okay looking girls don't have as many options and because she isn't as good looking as the gorgeous girl she is less likely to cheat.

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      'nuff said.

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      End of answers.

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