Why is there such a stigma associated with online dating services?

I've never used an online dating service, but have been looking more and more at it ever since my 2 closest friends in high school both informed me they met their current girlfriend/spouse through them. I graduated from college about a year ago, broke up with the girl I'd dated most of college 6 months ago, and have since realized I really am not meeting very many eligible women at all since then.

I don't want to date a coworker (though there definitely seems to be one interested), and what few girls I meet outside of work generally I have very little in common with. Why is it then that when I mentioned to my roommate I might make a match.com account that I got laughed at and told to 'grow a pair'? It's not the actual dating that's giving me difficulty, it's the meeting the right girl so far that is...


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  • If a woman is relying on "match.com" its because no men are approaching her and she is low quality. Just for kicks I would go to "Speeddate.com" and say dumb sh*t to the clients there such as "My wife recently died" and after they would say "Oh I'm sorry", Id say "Yeah, five minutes ago"! I would look at who was availabe and seemingly all the women were of low quality; the men on that same site seemed to be your average joes though. When I see a hot lady I want to hump, I just approach her and chat her up. And if you DO see a hot woman on a dating site, chances are its just a stock pic to make you say something like "See, hot women use match.com also". Work on approaching women and forget about crap like match.com.

    • not true my friend recently signed up and she used to model. I understand that's not everyones type but she is certainley not ugly, mean or stupid.

      But for her it was the same thing as for QA she never met any guys so she tried online dating and from what I hear it's going fairly well


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  • For one ting, most of them have man may more guys than girls, so you're likely wasting your time and money.

    Secondly, it's not a way to meet people you have anything in common with. You would have better odds using a dartboard; sure it works sometimes,but so would the dartbard.

    Get out there and meet people in real time! Join new clubs, go to new places, sidle up to girls in the grocery store...

  • because for the mass majority of cases the people on these websites are quite sad, women included, I don't want to go internet shopping for a girlfriend I want a RELATIONSHIP and as far as I'm concerned you have to know the person beforehand, why not date your co worker?

  • i personally wouldn't do online dating. I don't know bro. something about it makes me feel like it makes the person seem desperate and just trying to get laid. you go to parties and bars just to have fun but maybe meeting a girl there is just a bonus but that wasn't your intention, which makes it better. going online, I feel like, makes a guy look like he has no balls, no life and is just desperate to get laid.