Is she being genuine or is she using me?

Back in October, I met a girl on a dating site. We had planned a time and place for a date and texted extensively, as well as exchanged Skype information. The one time we video chatted on Skype lasted only about two minutes with only about 20 seconds dedicated to actual conversation (the rest was... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds to me like this girl was very interested in your personality an enjoyed getting to know you. During the Skype call she may have realized that she's not physically attracted to you, which is fine because there has to be a level of physical attraction when you're with someone. After the Skype call you say she deleted you from her contacts? That is a pretty clear indication that she's not interested.i think he realized this was a very rude and harsh gesture, which is why she wrote back to you with an apology. It still seems like her apology was not to lure you back into a relationship, but simply to say sorry for being so rude while still letting you know that she's wanting to explore other options in the new year. I'm so sorry he was so harsh with you, but you can find someone who will be both physically and emotionally attracted to you and who treats you with respect and positive attention.