Why would someone act like this?

I met this girl when I first moved here and we became good friends. We would go out almost every weekend and she even came over my family's house for Thanksgiving since she had to work black Friday and couldn't go home. Anyway a few weeks ago she texted me and we planned to go out around 10. 10 came and went and she was a no call no show. I called her over a few days and got no response and got concerned because it's not like her to just disappear and I texted her sister. Her sister texted me back and said she will call me. She hadn't called or anything and it's been a few weeks. Why would someone do that? It's mean and hurtful and I don't understand...


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  • They simply don't care enough to let you know.


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  • maybe she got overwhelmed with all the hanging out, not that that justifies her behavior but that may just be the reason... just give her space, let her know it hurt you that she ignore you... if she does it again, try to distance yourself from her so she doesn't hurt you like that again.

    • Then if you are overwhelmed then why text me and ask me to hang out...