Why is he acting like this? Guys opinion?

I'm a sophomore girl in high school and the guy I like really seemed to like me back. The way he acted towards me even got my friends and other people saying it's obvious he likes me. We talk a lot at school but I decided to text him a couple times. When we text it's pretty bland and awkward, and after a couple texts, he stops replying completely, even if I asked him a question. I'm really not sure why he doesn't text me/doesn't reply back after a couple times, it makes me feel like an idiot that he completely stopped. He has texted me once and called me to get me to come outside when he was with someone down the street from me, but that's it. Why isn't he texting me or even having a conversation over texting? Every time I get the courage to text him, it goes to waste because he doesn't reply after a couple times. He's really confusing me because he's a great guy too and I don't think he's trying to mess with me or anything. He replied real fast at first, then just stopped.

Guys, why do you do this...don't leave us hanging!


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  • This may be a shocker to you, but it's not only guys alright.

    He may just be busy or not that big on texting.


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  • Maybe he doesn't like text. Maybe he's nervous about it. Why don't you ask him?

  • First off I hate texting, I prefer to be called. So there's that. Also he may not be a phone type. Had a recruiter for when I was going in the military I could call and he would honestly be the most awkward person to talk to on the phone. As in large bouts of silence, just leaving off after a sentence so on and so forth. But in person he was a talkative, chatty, funny, guy who just didn't like talking on phones.


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