What the hell is wrong with this guy and our texting?

So I met this boy online,we exchanged numbers,texted each other (I remember Christmas eve where he didn't text throughout the whole evening and I could't wait to hear from him...and finally at 12 AM he texted and I was so happy! :D) A few days later we went on a date,it was good-not GREAT but not sh*tty either-just good.

We went back to texting,he wants a second date but I need more time to think it through...he's texting regularly now and I know that I'm on his mind but WHY do I feel annoyed when he texts?!

I feel best when I'm left alone!

I'm confused as hell O.o and I don't know what happened :(


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  • No one like clingy people because they generally suck. But in your case, you might be screwed either way because you seem to be the type who likes what she can't have. You obviously got bored once you knew he liked you and the mystery evaporated. Now that he's pressed, you know you've got him wrapped around your finger so mentally you're probably wanting someone who keeps you guessing more...once again, why I don't believe in communicating more than 2 days MAYBE 3 in a given week when first dating. It gets boring.


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  • you met him online... well kinda answered your question diddnt you? Try meeting a guy before trying to date them and before you give your number and before you allow a complete stranger from the web get in and become a creepy needy friend zone.

    theres a reason why there's a stigma with online dating it isn't just a sterotyped thing there is a genuine reason. YOU HAVEN'T MET THE PEOPLE SO YOU CANT JUDGE THEIR CHARACTER.

    next time you are on the website that you met him on, do yourself a favour and cancel your membership, walk out the door and find people in the real world

  • o_O maybe you're just not that into him?


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  • Do you fancy seeing him again? If not, then you just don't want another date, maybe just friends, maybe not even friends. Do you still think about him that often? Does your heart make that little jump when you see you got a text from him or do you just think: "oh, him again..."?

    • Well,I do get that little jump but more out of fear of what he might've written...it's gotten to the point where I don't want to open the message!

    • Why are you afraid of what he'll write?