Is it bad if a guy doesn't text you for a day?

I've been dating this guy for a little over a month and we planned a last minute date to the movies after I finished work on Tuesday, right after I got off he immediately calls me and is so down to go (also through small talk he said he had work next day so I know he was kinda busy yesterday) but anyways he cancelled a few minutes later because it started to rain and he has to drive into town on his moped I offered a ride and he said its okay another time, anyways we continued texting and I casually teased him about it, and the last text I sent was like an hour later saying it was cold he was right and I haven't heard from him since ( a day) its kind of weird cause we usually talk everyday! Even if its a few texts so I don't know why he didn't at least say hi! What should I do? Wait for him to text me or casually text him?


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  • It's not bad. It's a guy thing. We don't text like girls do.


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  • I don't think one day matters much. Things happen and sometimes people forget.

    Maybe he doesn't want to seem to interested? Who knows... the game is hard to figure out

  • you need to calm down, he could be...oh god forbid...BUSY?


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