In need of serious dating advice!!

I've been dating this guy for almost 10 months but he hasn't officially asked me to be his gf... He's a divorce father of 3,I'm a divorced mother of 1,his marriage ended on rocky terms after nearly 10 yrs. He has admitted to have gone through a pretty rough tine after that,he hasn't dated anyone like we are no since then. Yes he has hooked up with girls previous to me,he's introduced me to his kids which to him is huge,my family knows him and he always takes me out. He's affectionate and super understanding...We both talk about pretty much everything...So why hasn't he asked me to be his gf? He always says he misses me,how blessed he feels to have met me so I'm so confused! HELP!


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  • You just did his girlfriend. No need any formal issue.


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  • maybe it goes without being said I would not introduce a girl to my kids unless I thought it was something special I would not want to confuse my kids. Talk to him about it.

    • That's true because he knows my child as well,I just don't wanna ask him the wrong way and well make him think I'm needy rather than clarification

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  • Its sort of too late to be asking this question if you've been together for 10 months.

    • Why is that?

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    • This is where my mind gets confused... We have both made jokes about Ohh your girlfriend/boyfriend will get mad etc... I've answered I don't have a boyfriend trying to see what we will say,all he does is "lol" immediately just blow it off... Or he will say I don't have a gf...

    • But if you are questioning you need to talk to him. But whatever you do.. don't bring it up as "we need to talk" he'll run. Just bring it up casually.