Should I contact him or am I being rejected?

So here it goes: I was communicating with a guy via email on a dating website that I was very interested in. -We talked on the phone 1st time 26... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • If a guy likes a girl, even slightly, he'll go out of his way to let her know... and if he has your number he'll use it. The fact that he hasn't is a clear indication that he's not really interested.

    Once an impression is made it's over.

    Your best bet is to NOT contact him and to start putting your efforts towards someone else worthy of your attention... don't waste any further efforts on Mr. Not Interested... it's only going to erode your self esteem and confidence.

    There are plenty of men looking to meet a great girl, so go give them a chance now. :)

    ~ Robby