Not getting a text response. Don't understand what's going on.

So a girl gave me her number on a dating site yesterday after we've spent a week corresponding. Today I sent her an introductory text, but thus far, I'm waiting for nearly 45 minutes. Now, maybe this is some sort of game, because online, she would sometimes wait 2 days to respond, but I figured those long waits would end once I landed her number. She must have been interested if she gave her number out, since most girls would say no or just wouldn't reply if they didn't want to give out their number. So now I'm sitting and over thinking and stressing. I don't know what to do. Should I call her up? Send a follow up text?


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  • Leave it alone.. maybe she's busy. 45 minutes isn't that long. don't stress, and don't call. if she doesn't respond, go back on the site and message her and ask, "hey tried texting you the other day, did you get my text?" and if she doesn't respond at all, then she's not interested.

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  • its only been 45 minutes, I'd relax a bit. She may be doing something so that she is away from her phone at that moment.

  • Haha it's only been 45 minutes. She might've been with friends, at the gym, running errands, etc. and not been paying attention to her phone. I do that all the time... Don't worry about it yet. I'd only be concerned if you don't here from her after a day or two... In which case, it's safe to assume that she either gave you the wrong number, or is "just not that into you."

  • wait 5 days. if you don't hear anything, text again.

  • Guys when are you going to get the point? When a girl doesn't text you back it means

    She's not interested ! Period .

    (But in your case its init been 45 minutes, you should give it more time )

    • That's clear...but then why would she send me her number? As a sick joke?

  • don't send a follow up text, that could be considered annoying and clingy. she could easily be busy or just hasn't even seen the message yet. just do something to take your mind off of it so you aren't doing any more over thinking and I'm sure you'll get a message back before you know it.

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  • no, you gotta chill dude. Let her breath! 45 min is nothing. Take it easy and let her get back to you later. Anything else will show immaturity and clingy tendencies. On the other hand if you act cool and patient you'll score points..