Not getting a text response. Don't understand what's going on.

So a girl gave me her number on a dating site yesterday after we've spent a week corresponding. Today I sent her an introductory text, but thus far, I'm waiting for nearly 45 minutes. Now, maybe this is some sort of game, because online, she would sometimes wait 2 days to respond, but I figured those long waits would end once I landed her number. She must have been interested if she gave her number out, since most girls would say no or just wouldn't reply if they didn't want to give out their number. So now I'm sitting and over thinking and stressing. I don't know what to do. Should I call her up? Send a follow up text?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Leave it alone.. maybe she's busy. 45 minutes isn't that long. don't stress, and don't call. if she doesn't respond, go back on the site and message her and ask, "hey tried texting you the other day, did you get my text?" and if she doesn't respond at all, then she's not interested.