Guys what are your meanings behind these kisses?

Kiss on forehead

Kiss on cheeks

Kiss on lips

Kiss on neck

Kiss on top of head

Kiss on hand

Kiss on nose

just in general what are your meanings behind them?


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  • Kiss on forehead

    Something tender to do, not overtly sexual.

    Kiss on cheeks

    Something sweet to do, much like above. A way of saying I love you.

    Kiss on lips

    Something more passionate. A bit of I love you and I lust after you.

    Kiss on neck

    Very sensual to me, I do it to turn the girl on. Most girls have the most sensitive necks, wouldn't you agree?

    Kiss on hand

    Kind of old fashioned, I've never tried that.

    Kiss on nose

    It says I think you're cute. Girls have the smallest noses, you have to make sure you don't miss.


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  • I don't think there is a difference between kisses. It's just a sign of affection...but if you want to analyze it, here it goes:

    Kiss on forehead: Brotherly, I'll-watch-out-for-you kiss

    Kiss on cheeks: I think you're cute and I would date you

    Kiss on lips: Let's date or let's hook up

    Kiss on neck: I'm horny and I want you to be too

    Kiss on top of head: Same as forehead

    Kiss on hand: Trying to be classy but don't know how to be classy

    Kiss on nose: Wtf?

  • Kisses = affection towards a person

    Just enjoy them lol

  • why do girls think there are secret hidden meanings behind the simplest of gestures guys do.There's no hidden meaning behind any of them and most of them should be common sense.

    a kiss anywhere you described besides the lips and neck is a show of affection.

    light simple kisses on the lips can be affection. more passionate kissing is sexual in nature.

    a kiss on the neck is usually sexual in nature to turn you on.


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