How Was Your First Kiss?

Ima share mine.. I was at my boyfriends bed watching a nightmare on elm street ( something like that ) I had brought my dog because supposedly I was walking her hehe. but she started whining and whining. so he just walked me home. a house away he said , ill just leave now Because I don't want your dad to kick my ass. I was confused so I asked why?. he hugged me and kiss me on the lips... and said, that's why.. there couldn't be asuch more beautiful night; with a bunch of stars on a September night with the moon light gleaming c:


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  • It was when everybody left the school and we were at the back our classroom making some kind of project and were late to go home. Things just happened. One moment, we were close to each other, arms touching each, and we had this gaze and second later, our lips have interlocked. Had a little laugh after that.

  • I was drinking with my girlfriend and her friend, and I had brought a friend of mine with me, me and my mate were completely drunk, had about 4.5 litres between us, and me and my girlfriend got really close and then she started brushing my teeth with a lollypop ! And ten I was like why'd you do that, and I pulled her in and I kissed her twice and then I attempted to tongue her cause I was drunk and I had no idea what I was doing ! It was all in a park, She was my first girlfriend, both 16 at a park at night! She told me everything the next day !


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