What to do now after being dumped?

Okay so after dating this girl for a little bit, her and I decided that we would not work out. Now comes the hard part actually trying to be her friend while I still like her. Normally I don't really hangout with girls that I once dated and it never worked out. I will still say hi and talk to them, because to me it is stupid to hate someone for exercising their choice (I don't know if it is just me thinking that avoiding them is childish). Well for some reason these three questions came across my mind. I want to hear other point of views, I will put mine further down.

1.) Would you still hangout with them if they asked you? (Whether it's one on one or a group thing).

2.) If it is one on one would you still pay for them or tell them that you would chill with them, but they are responsible for paying their own way now?

3.) If they ever decided that they want to try again with you, would you consider dating them again (well for me this situation has never really happened, so this is more on the hypothetical end)?


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  • 1) Of course, I l love going outside and having fun. Now that we are apart, I have now the most freedom in the dating world. I'll flirt with every girl, and I'll have the most fun out there.

    2) Depends. If she has no money or is taking life really hard, then I'll pay. It doesn't matter who will pay but it's always the one who invited in the first place who holds the responsibility.

    3) If she's still attractive.


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  • take time to heal, however long you need, if you can talk to that person, good try it, but if its too painful, just avoid them..


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  • i would say hanging out or even talking to your ex after is going to be unhealthy whether you broke up with her or vice versa. you nee to take the time to get over them completely or your just going to prolong feelings that you need to move past