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Guys/Girls ,please help me I'm freaking out about a date!

Tomorrow I'm going out with a guy (we've been talking for about a month) and I'm starting to panic for some reasons: 1.I have a very low... Show More

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  • Well you are not ugly, I think you pretty and if this guy wants to go out with you over all these other girls then he obviously finds you attractive and like he said he enjoys talking with you, so you have a personality that he likes that these other girls do not have. Who cares what those other girls think, from what you put about this guy they are probably jealous he is dating you and not them. Just have confidence in yourself, this guy likes you so why doubt it. It's you first date so if you do not want to kiss him on the lips at the end then you do not have to, maybe just a goodbye hug or peck on the cheek.

    • Thanks for ba.

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  • You're attractive though you have low self-esteem. Don't lose confidence.

    He saw something in you which is really beautiful and decided that you'll be his date.

    Isn't that wonderful? Out of all the beautiful women, he chose you. It means that he got taste, and has a keen eye for the real beautiful women.

  • I agree with Aercz however, be careful because it sounds like you have never met this guy in person. You still don't really know anything about him.

    on the other end he does sound like a good guy, just be you self because lets not forget "YOU" are the person he wants to date out of everyone else. Tell us how it goes!

    • We 've been talking almost everyday for a month ,i got to know him pretty well.And he knows how I look because we saw each other at a prom and another time.I'm just freaked out because this has never happened to me .I was never the most popular girl,the most beautiful,the outgoing type.I always underestimate me and compare myself to others. It kills me .

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