Sleeps with dogs

I have owned dogs since I was 18, and they have always shared my bed. How many girls would be freaked out/turned off by this?

Oh yeah they usually kiss me sometimes, is that a problem?

lol, I just really like dogs.


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  • i wouldn't have it any other way =]


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  • no, I think it's really cute :). I love dogs too, so the guy I'm with must be a dog lover too. and I wouldn't mind sleeping with them too, as long as they don't disturb us when we are messin around. haha.

  • Well I love dogs too! but I draw the line at kissing lol it really turns me off/makes me feel sick-i mean,they have licked their arse! Sleeping in your bed is cute though.

    • I try to train them to kiss me on the cheek---they miss once in awhile.

      I came within 6 months of being a veterinarian; trust me, it isn't really much of a danger, if you keep your dog confined and up to date on health care, it is highly unlikely to make you sick.

  • Doesn't matter

    I love dogs


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  • Not meaning any disrespect at all, but, at your age, if you haven't yet been in a close enough relationship with a woman to discover the answer to your own question, might it be the dog issues?

    • Lol, I've had sex. I just wondered if there were any women who hated dogs enough for it to be a deal breaker---that was the point of the question.

    • LOL I'm just being a thinly veiled wise-guy, as always. All the best.

  • Um...

    I guess there COULD be more negative sides to this...

    If your bed smells like the dog that might be a turn off.

    If your don't wash your face after the dog licks your face, and you go to kill the girl it might be a turn off.

    If the dog tries to get on the bed while your kissing on it, or doing more intimate things.

    If when you throw the dog out of the room, he scratches the door to get back in.

    But I guess if the girl likes dogs... Which most girls do, it might not be such a problem.

    • Do they eally most like dogs? I was not sure. Do you base this on your friends?

    • I see women walk up to a guy walking his dog all of the time. Or a dog in the car. They just like to pet them :)

  • I started having a dog sleep with me when I was like 12 so I don't think there is anyting wrong with it. I really lkie dogs too