Small town first date ideas

We live in a small country, where is nothing to do (no bowling, art museums, cinema etc.). Also is winter right now.

Maybe you have some nice ideas what to do? Or good experience from "simple" date you want to share.

And also what are your thoughts on how long/short must be a first meeting?


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  • First meeting is the most important and longest for me because well, things happen.

    I advise just going out and walking together around the town and trying all the different things around. Window shop without buying anything. If there's some dancing areas, then go there. It usually brings first time daters together. Also, arouses both of you.


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  • An indoor date where you two pop in a movie, and he orders you food or cooks for you.

  • Well if there are wooded areas you could go hiking or exploring. Maybe just drive out somewhere where you can see the star and maybe have a picnic under the stars. Or you could have a picnic in a grassy area. You could also go out to eat or cook for him/her. There is no real time limit for the first date, if it's going well then you might want to continue it longer or if it's not you might just want to cut it short. Really depends how you're feeling.

  • Buy a really fuzzy big blanket from pier one or target. have him make you a nice dinner. put in the notebook and snuggle.