I met a girl but is she still interested?

So, and I will keep this short. I met a girl a few months back, had a tentative date that did not happen, and recently got back in touch with her. She seemed like she was still interested as she texted me back and so on. We have carried on with texts for a few days, and the conversation is always flirty. I asked when would be a good time to call her and recieved three specific times, so she is obviously setting it up to not miss a call. Well I called at one of the later times (around 8 pm) I got a voice mail. Left a simple message and carried on. About an hour later I get a text from her saying she is talking with a chatty cathy and she is sorry, but how late is too late to call? I think it's a good sign, and maybe I'm a dumbass for even posting this as captain obvious may me knocking at my door but was just curious if this was a game women play, or what not for whatever stupid reason. any insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking at my silly over anylized question( checking for ovaries now)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think she was gaming you, she could have been simply chatting to someone. Or if she was gaming you, she is just trying to seem more unavailable but its obvious she likes you. Just continue as normal, I'm sure you'll get a date with her at some point.