Wants summer fling to be the real thing...

Been hanging out with a guy for a couple of weeks during which we got really close. I've grown so used to him and we are much like a couple but recently he pulled away. He doesn't see me as much. He doesn't talk to me as much but still does sweet things. I found out that he was leaving and tried to tell him how I felt about us so I did and he hasn't told me how he feels for me. Its been so long and it gets awkward. We still hang but he can't look me in the eye anymore. He gets more involved in some of my hobbies and work. He really gets jealous when guys ask me out and gets possessive but won't tell me himself directly. He really tries to look good and sound smart in front of me but his knees get weak and stutter whenever I am around him. What the hell is happening here?We don't talk at all, like the way we used to. We are not like this at all I think he doesn't want to hang out as much. He hasn't even made a move... I am so frustrated already, I want to date other men but I know I like him too much to do that. Is this something I should wait for? What the hell is this really? What's going on with him?


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  • Maybe your just gonna have to clear the air, tell him straight up how it is, make him choose between friendship or couple. Or you'll just go on wondering. By the sounds of things, he obviously isn't going to say anything about it. Its in your hands id say.


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  • Yeh I agree with the other answer-ya need to get it all out in the open because your situation sounds sooo confusing-i think the only way to know what's going on in his head is to ask him straight out how he feels about you and if you ever have a chance of going out properly as boyfriend and gf. Then you'll know where you stand and can either make a go of it or move on.