Divorced... Kissing and cuddling?... Just friends

A guy I went to high school recently got divorced or is in the middle of it right now and we now work together. After I learned about this I told him that if ever needed to talk I would listen. We weren't really friends in high school but we knew of each other. I feel bad for him but he just needs friends around him. The other night we went out and got some drinks and watched the game and we went back to his apartment and listened to some music and danced around the living room. It was a good time and he actually had a smile on his face. He didn't want me to drive drunk so he offered to let me stay with him. We ended up cuddling that night and he kissed me. I don't really know how to take it. Is he missing his ex and that's why he kissed me?


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  • Divorce can be messy and it usually takes a toll on both parties. So there's a good chance his emotions are all over the place right now, especially if the divorce is not amicable and he's taking heat from his soon-to-be ex. Yes, he may be missing his ex. But you won't know unless you ask him. He could also be ready to move on and he's genuinely attracted to you. Even with his vulnerability he is still capable of having feelings for you. And it's also possible he needs someone, anyone, to kill some of his pain right now. He probably hasn't been close to a woman for a while and needs affection. And you came along at just the right time. Talk to him. Ask him what he's feeling. Tell him how you felt about his kiss. Tell him your worries and find out if he's missing his ex. Just start the conversation and see where it goes. Then let us know! Good luck!


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  • Well since it's fresh he may, but there's no actual way to know that unless you flat out ask him