How to not be boring?

As time goes on and I have more dates with girls this is something I contend with. Whether it stems from lack of confidence, inexperience and/or not knowing what to say I am not sure. So if someone can give me some tips on how to have confidence even with inexperience with any aspect of flirting/dating/being sexual with women. Also tips on how to have a fun and intriguing conversation each time you are out with a particular or any woman?


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  • Similar to what the first commentator said, if you have something in common with the girl then the conversation will flow more easily and probably not be boring. Even if you're not confidant, if you're taking about something you like (that she also happens to like!) it will be easier to talk about that than trying to fake your way with some other topic just to impress a girl.


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  • find something you both enjoy and talk about it. it could be music, history, science, anysubject. Tell her some things about you and just go from what she responds with. The more you practice the easier it will get. Just be silly