When did dating become so complicated?

In high school I asked a guy if he wanted to go out with me. He said yes and we dated for three years - and that was it, simple as that!

Now as an adult I can't get anywhere at all with guys. It's all mind games, body language and jealousy tactics. People look you up online and read into things that aren't there, make promises with no intention of keeping them. Nobody talks anymore and you can't tell anyone how you feel without being perceived as desperate. Is it just me? I find games upsetting and a waste of time but being straight forward isn't getting me anywhere. Is there a way out of this?


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  • It's because people change through time.

    This is true that's why a lot of tactics or strategies about attracting the opposite sex became so complicated. Also, the influence of romantic movies, novels, and magazines changed how people perceived the dating world.

    Is there a way out of this? There is, if you want to stay single forever. However, you should adapt through the complications until you can have the ideal man you're searching for who's worth spending the rest of your life with, so that you don't have to be upset again by these dating complexities.


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  • try dating sites. I understand where you're coming from. a lot of women just want their ego to be stroked. even if I try to make friends with girls its as if they think I have alterior motives. kinda depressing really. if iam trying to find a girlfriend, I don't mind the cat and mouse game as long as iam getting some where. but if iam getting no where fast ill just back off right away. like with this current girl iam trying to hang out with even though she's interested I can't seem to even arrange coffee or something, anything really with her. so what's the point of even trying to be friends? friends at least do things together. I don't get it either. iam not getting any younger so id rather people be straight forward with me if they want my friendship or not or else just stop wasting my f***ing time.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I tried a dating site and was getting on really well with a guy on there. Then it turned out that he was having an affair and lying about his age. It just seems like the majority of people live by things like The Rules. How a loving relationship can blossom from something so childish and manipulative is beyond me. We don't know how long we've got in life and time wasted playing silly games to test the other person is time that could be spent together! Argh!

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  • I don't know what to make of the way men and women connect, like how can you be hooking up for months but your not in a relationship! And why does he need to ask you to be his girlfriend or it doesn't count. So weird and so difficult to know who is with who and who is single etc.

    your not the only one confused but there I'm sure men out there who feel the same way as us...