Is she stringing me along?

So we dated for 9 months. Near the end of the first month of dating, I wake up after a night of heavy drinking and she accuses me of making out with her best friend. I deny of course because the last thing I remembered that night was her getting angry at me and then leaving my house party. I began drinking and blacked out waking up on the couch in the morning. no memory of what happened. I eventually trust her that she knows what she is saying, (even though I have no attraction to her friend and no memory of kissing her) and try my best to apologize and eventually win her back. after this she starts smothering me hardcore I try to be patient but when she gets mad because I want just a bit of alone time every other day or so (since we started dating she stays over almost every day). It gets to the point were I can't stand always being the one with problems I need to fix so I break up with her. She says she will change so I give it another chance. she doesn't and so I broke up with her again. After about a week we are still talking and I notice that she really has changed in the way she needed to make our relationship healthy but in that week she had already had sex with a guy from the bar she works at. I forgive her of this in my head and continue trying to get her back (I have always loved this girl) Funny thing happens over the next three months she starts sleeping around and our roles are reversed where I am the one giving my all like she was during the relationship and she is telling me she doesn't want anything to do with me. (since we broke up we are still having sex. also , on good days she says she loves me and wants to be with me but on bad she says we will never be together) every time I have hurt her I have tried to fix the problem immediately but she is not the same way. anyway... lately, when I ask her to be my girlfriend she will say idk. she says she loves me and wants to be with me but I just don't believe her... she has had sex with four guys in three months and two times she flat out lied to my face about it ( spent the night at her house and woke up because someone sent her a dirty text message at one in the morning.) she has me in relationship limbo, where I can't move on because of the glimmer of hope she continues to show me but I still can't be with her. she said to me she wouldn't do anything with anyone over Christmas break for me but I think that the only reason for this is that the guy she was having sex with has left town and doesn't have any feelings for her. every time I ask her out however she wants more time and delays it as much as possible. SO... I think she just likes the attention I give her and sometimes the sex when she can't get it elsewhere. I don't think she loves me because if she really did want to be with me we would be dating already. Is she just stringing me along and using me?


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  • She is definitely stinging you along and using you. She loves the attention and that you seem to be begging her back. With her knowing that you seem desperate, she thinks she can do whatever she wants and that it OK because you'll still be there

    Man UP!

    Stop contacting her. And STOP having sex with her! If you keep doing that then nothing will get better. Act how she is acting to you. Don't contact her and wait for her to. If she gets to the point where she wants to hang out then say you are busy. This will get her going and then want to put in more effort. People want what they can't have. Don't just give her everything


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  • if you are drinking, and blacking out, you MAY have done the things she said.

    How about not drinking so much?

  • Well you can't expect that you're the only guy she has interest in.that isn't stringing you along.and using you for what? If you're not buying her gifts, paying her bills then what of value could she be using you for?


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  • Yes, it's best to assume that she's stringing you along and using you.