How do guys feel about having conversations via text?

Like with friends or girls you like? Do you like having conversations over text?

I know that guys usually just use texting to meet up with buds and such...but do they actually like convos to? If so, is it only with girls they like? Or also just friends?


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  • Guys texting guy friends is considered "gay" and has never been tolerated in the heterosexual male community. Such actions are grounds for serious disciplinary action ranging from man-card confiscation to castration for repeat offenders. The heterosexual male community defines a text conversation to be a total of two (2) or more texts sent to one (1) person within twenty-four (24) hours. Male-to-male text conversations are among the highest order of "gay" and suspects will be charged with capital homosexual activity. Upon conviction offenders are castrated.


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  • friends and girls I like. we sometimes have small talk but it usually ends up nowhere or lets hang out

  • I liked them when I was 12, find them extremely boring ever since 15~.

  • Most men don't have long convos via text with their guy friends. Men say much more in fewer words to male friends than females do to female friends or with their man. Simply put, men communicate to get a point across while women talk for simply the fun of it.


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