What is he playing at?

So I've been seeing this guy for a while and since the start we've both been honest with each other. Pretty early on, before we'd slept together and everything, he asked me what I was looking for between us. I told him I didn't really know, I just wanted to go with the flow of things and see where it leads, and he was cool with that. So we've hung out a lot and slept together a few times. Recently I moved into a new place, and he came round. It was bit different this time. He was more sweet and chatty, and it was comfortable, like it felt right. He was constantly holding on to me, and kissing me, and generally acting like he was my boyfriend. Now since that night, which was last week, we've texted but he's not been himself, he's acting more distant. So I didn't text for a couple of days, and then we spoke again and it was fine. And then the day after that I texted him to see how things were, just that and a smiley face no kisses and he's downright ignored me. Now I was thinking oh his phone must be out of charge but ten min after I texted he updated his Facebook via mobile. What the hell is he playing at? Why is he suddenly ignoring me? It feels like that the night he was acting like we were in a relationship has scared him slightly and he's ran away. I just need someone to make sense of this.

If it helps I'm 22 and he's 25.

Just someone help me here. I've not spoken to him since and vice versa. I don't know what I'm meant to do?


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  • I think he realized he might have escalated your expectations by his behavior, and now he's trying to undo it.


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  • Maybe... The whole relationship thing for him was less of an emotional and more of a physical kind...his interest varies with his drives

    • So basically like f*** buddies? We've both been saying that to each other from the start, like I said we've been honest. Its just since that night when he went all boyfriendy on me he's backed off. What should I do?

    • ask him straight...how interested he is...remove all your doubts and try to analyse his answers ...u will get a good idea about him ...Lets hope he was serious...but even if he was not ,dnt get disheartened ...life is too short to regret ...u can either make him fall in love and if it fails just move on...

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  • The only thing I say is to ask. You both should be pretty comfortable with each other by now. You need to be upfront and talk to each other about what you both are looking for in this relationship. Don't leave it too long before speaking, and stop playing games. He may well be thinking the same as you right now. Good Luck!