How do you feel about dating a single mother?

i just want to know what most men think about dating someone with a child...


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  • I would date single mothers because I am a single father and I know how it is and what single parents go through. I feel like when you like a person but you know that its not about the person liking you but also will the person get along with your child or the child liking the person your want to date. That is the big question. Also I don't like it when the other person only likes you because they fell pity that you are a single parent and so they stay around just to feel they can help. SIngle parents don't need help they want companionship. we can get help from our families.

    • I definetely agree I hate how people look at single moms as gold diggers...when frankly I can take care of myself and my daughter I'm doing it now and will be doing it with or without a mate so why would they think we need their help...

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  • I dated some women with children. They were great for the most part. But there are certainly added complications. First, the woman has had a relationship end badly, either because she had a problem, her husband/child's father had a problem, or both. Assuming that she is a pretty good gal who maybe got in a bad relationship, or just made some mistakes, there will be baggage nonetheless. These may be emotional scars, or just the fact that there is an ex in the picture who will probably always be in the picture to some degree. There is also the added financial pressure. If you really are 22 like your profile says, most guys are just finishing up college at that point and don't have secure, well-paying jobs yet. That can be intimidating for a guy to consider entering into such an obligation when he has so few financial resources at the time.

    Overall, dating a woman with a child would not be a problem for me, but there are the extra factors that I would have to take into account that I mentioned above. At 22 the financial factor would probably be the most serious for me--it was a major factor for me deciding not to pursue a more serious relationship with some of the single mothers I went out with a few times.

  • I used to feel the same way as Mr. Anonymous below, but now I feel more lenient. If the child is sweet, that gives the mom bonus points. If the child is a spoiled brat, then I might leave. And I would want the mom to treat her child with utmost priority above me. Usually a young single mom will not treat her child with utmost importance in this country. But if she has her priorities set in her child, then I will give her a chance. It shows that she has intelligence, which is very attractive in a lady.

    If I meet a single mom, I would observe her behavior closely to see if she treats her child as more important than everybody else. I would look for clues that indicate how she feels about her child. I am cautious about single moms because I unavoidably ask myself, "why did she get herself involved with a man who left her at such a young age?" That question might be too harsh, but I will still give the mom a chance if she proves to me that she is intelligent.

    But everything I said is purely hypothetical, because I have never dated a mom.

    • Well I got involved with my ex when I was 18 fell in love got married had a baby and he turned out not to be the guy for me... my ex will be 33 this year and I thought he would grow up but he never did.

  • I think it totally depends on the girl. Every single mom I've ever know has said that they are inseparable from their child, so it's part of her. If a guy can't accept that part of her, he doesn't deserve the other part.

  • Most men do not want to take care of another man's mistake. The only men who do this are suckers and desperate fools...

    I'm sorry, its the dead honest truth.

    • I think that's really unfair to be honest, so your saying we don't have a chance with many men because we got walked out on and sh*t on from a complete loser. my ex walked out on me and our 4 month old son, so I can now only attract desperate fools? you men f**k us women over and leave us to sort the crap is a bastard eh

    • Women have all the choice, and you chose a deadbeat loser. Guys have no choice and have to take what they can get, if anything at all. THAT is not fair. And no, you do not have a chance with most men

      I'm sorry, but whatever guy you find will be very desperate. However, as the saying goes, there's a sucker born every day. Somebody will come along. But in my opinion, no man should have to pay and raise a child that isn't even his....that's wrong in my opinion, and it robs him a littl

  • At my age, I wouldn't date one. Why go through that trouble when I can find a girl without a child.


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