Guys, did I ruin my chances with this guy (we dated briefly) ?

So there is this guy at work who has liked me for quite a long time and I had initially rejected him because I wasn't really ready for dating nor did I have a lot of interest in him. But eventually I decided to give it a try, but the thing is I was really guarded and I didn't really open up much... We went out for a bit and he had asked me if I wanted to date officially and I said okay and wanted to see where it would go, but a few days later he ended things and said "he thinks I'm amazing but doesn't see it working" and it was mutual at the time. When I had time to think about it, I realized that I wanted to keep seeing him as I was finally ready to open up more but I don't know if it's too late. I made the mistake of phoning him the next day asking if he wanted to keep seeing to...and just see where it goes" and he said he didn't think it was a good idea, but we agreed to be friends. (Btw we didn't have sex...I prefer to wait, and I was almost ready). A few days later I ran into him (we were both with friends) and he hugged me and bought me a drink and talked for a bit (not long). So did I ruin my chances with him? Or if I give it some time should I try and see if he would be interested in me again? Or should I just be friends? I still want him in my life either way, but preferably I would like to see him again...I just wasn't ready at the time. Is there a chance he might be interested in me again if I give it time? How should I go about this once I give it some time?


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  • I don't think there is much potential here as he made it quite clear he just wants friendship & nothing more. Time isn't going to change things. Just stay friends because if you push for more, you might not even have that.


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  • I don't think you did. I would say give it some time. Obviously if another guy comes in the picture don't keep waiting to see if this guy will be interested again. But I think there's always a chance someone could regain interest.