Men+ No Expression= Head Nod-Translation? (Men help me out)

To make a long story short. I told this guy that I would Ike to get to know him better. We exchanged #'s . Had a small text convo, one day I text him he didn't reply back. Saw him at school with a group of his friends. He was staring at me so I said " hi and waved".His reaction was eye contact, head nod, and a weird/ confused look on his face.

Note: Men what would cause you to react the way he did?


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  • You're responding "Hi" in a respectful way, but you think the other persons outburst was excessively loud and showy, or perhaps inappropriate to the time and/or place.

    An extreme example, to show you what I mean. Say... I'm at a funeral, and someone I know calls from 10 feet away "Hi!" They wouldn't get a "Hi!" back, they'd get a look and a nod.

    • I get what you're saying but I was not loud I was close in proximity walking past him and his friends. Plus they were all staring at me. They weren't talking to one another at all.

    • Loud wasn't the only option I mentioned.


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  • Perhaps you make him feel uncomfortable; especially if you said that you want to get to know him better. Everyone is different of course and he could just be distant, cold, or a poser but I think it might be that you're making him uncomfortable.

  • It's a simple acknowledgement. It has no meaning other than "Hey, I see you, and I'm not ignoring you".

  • it is a specially designed way of saying hi in a way that gets girls to over think what the nod means


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