Complains I don't kiss him enough? Thinks I should initiate more!

I just started dating this guy... it has been a few weeks. He just got upset with me saying that I never just came up to him and kissed him. It's not like we've been together that long and I'm definitely shy! I've tried kissing him randomly, but now it just seems like I'm doing it because he told me to... ah what do I do?


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  • Well, I don't know what to tell you. Does he know how shy you are? If not, maybe you should explain it all to him. Tell him that you do [like / love] him but you're still new to this relationship, and you're still shy. You're trying, but it's just not that easy or natural to you, yet. I think this is something you should talk over with him, and try to make clear. What do you think?

    • Fingers crossed! Alright, write me back and I won't open it until something happens :) Thanks!

    • Here's hoping. I'm curious as to how this will turn out.

    • Definitely! Maybe that'll help me to come back to this.

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  • yea, you should explain your shyness. relationships are successful if there is communication between the two. otherwise, the other person has no idea. its not like he is psychic and will automatically figure it out. anyway, just tell him this and just keep kissing him too! even though it might be a little fake. compromises are also another big thing in building a relationship. so do it if you really want a long relationship with this guy. if not, then just don't do anything that you don't like. he will understand if her really wants you and he will compromise. good luck

    • haha aight good luck!

    • haha alright, I'll try again.

    • Ok forget that last comment,I got what yu were trying to say jason,you were saying if she just don't like to kiss then he should understand that and deal with it,got ya

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  • He told you straight up to be more affectionate so do just that. Make it natural and a part of the routine. Don't just lean over and give him a smooch at some weird time. Just fit it in when it is appropriate.

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