Girls, do you think the idea of the Alpha Male still exists?

So I've been watching the Game of Thrones lately and it made me think about that. You clearly see that the dude that is the strongest and most muscular and is also the leader of the army gets the most beautiful and well mannered woman. I personally think that all that stuff taught to us about "just be yourself" or "looks don't matter" is just pure bullsh*t. If you look at most couples, the girl that is really hot is usually dating a guy that is equal or similar in looks. But those that are not good looking that date hot girls are those that are very confident and present themselves as the "alpha male". The most beautiful and well mannered women (not sluts) are into the strongest and most powerful man in a group. I guess that does explain why women are into athletes or strong muscular men rather than skinny nerds. So, girls, do you agree with that?


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  • The best guys attract the best girls and vice versa. Looks don't matter and be yourself is bullsh*t lol. You can't expect to reasonably pull the hottest girl if you're not hot or have the best charisma and most magnetic personality anymore than an average looking, average personality girl who has slept with half the school could date the best looking guy. Most women are into strong powerful men but not every woman can get them.there are only so many of those guys to go around

    • Yeah well I was talking about real woman. Not sluts. If you've seen any episodes of Game of Thrones, I'm comparing Daenerys and Khal Drogo. She is absolutely GORGEOUS but well mannered woman. doesn't like him at first and then falls in love. But these still conrtradicts why girls don't dig CEOs (other than the money) or presidents and senators ya know? They're the top of the pack but characters like Nolan's Bruce Wayne. I guess it eventually comes down to both brains and muscle. Not just one.

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  • Yes. In short, they like a man who stands out among the rest.