How can I stop blaming myself for my rejection? I'm a female

I've never had a boyfriend in my life, so I've never really had much experience with guys. I'm a social and fun person, I'm sweet and kind hearted. I'm a girl who is down to earth, non materialistic and many people say I'm fun and funny. Yet sometimes around guys I like I get a bit nervous. Anyway, I've never really had many people to teach me about dating, I've learned about it all through experience. There was this guy who I dated, and after barely getting to know me, he already sort of rejected me--- (Stopped calling). I've been on a total of one dinner date, and one coffee date with him. I didn't do anything wierd, wasn't disrespectful, insult him, or act unclassy. I don't know what I did, but every time I get rejected, I blame it on myself. I feel that I'm a good catch and that if he didn't like me, I must have made some sort of dating mistake or something! It's been a year, and I'm still trying to get over him because I like him so much. Every day I am sad because I feel I blew it with him. Although I learn from each and every experience, it still depresses me that it's too late, and I'll never have him. I don't meet many guys on a regular basis, so when I lost him, It hurt a lot.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Stop blaming yourself for the rejection. Remember, some guys will not like you no matter what however, some guys will like you no matter what. Things just kind of got out of your control with your recent date. It's not your fault. You didn't see it coming.

    Be optimistic. There's a lot of guys there who will prefer you over other girls. You just need to hang out a lot. Plan your activities with your friends. Perhaps, one of your mutual friends has a friend that will be a guy who will rescue your jaded heart.