How long did it take you to learn to be a decent kisser once you had your first kiss?

Once you had your first kiss (regular or with tongue), how long did it take you to become a good or decent kisser? Only a few times, or did it take months of practice?

Was it mostly instinct, or did you have to get pointers or learn most of it?

Anything else you'd like to share about your kissing experiences?


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  • learned from experience. first kiss when I was like 12, was awesome, I think I was just always a naturally great kisser. only times I recall having a bad kiss was when the girl didn't know how to. I remember this one girl pushed her face so hard into my face it hurt, I was like wtf? her lips were way too pursed as well, like kissing little raisins aahaha. she never got any better at kissing so I stopped kissing her, and moved on. I guess bad kissing can be a deal breaker for me if the girl doesn't get any better at it.


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  • I never thought about being a good kisser. Passion defines my kisses so yes, it's mostly instinct. Thinking too much can ruin my groove.

  • Well, we'll have to wait for numero one madame :P


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