He didn't text me for a month

and now is texting me cause we're both back in town. I feel like he just wants my body... I hate him yet I find myself replying to him anyway. Am I the one with the problem?


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  • He is being a guy, and you are being a girl. Noe one is doing anything wrong, and neither of you have a problem. If you don't want to get hurt by this guy that you supposedly "hate" you are going to have to actively ignore him. Let it be known to him that you are too busy for him, and he will hopefully go away.

    • he's already hurt me, I think I'm making progress though because he texted me saying we should hang out and I didn't reply

    • That's good. If he does you no good then you shouldn't have him in your life, it is a simple decision.

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  • Maybe your assumption is true, but why do you hate him?

  • Yes he want your body that is what 75% of men want you may also be a fall girl and if you stop replying to him then he should so away

    • a fall girl?

    • Yea it means that when get with a girl he will try and get with you. Girls do this to with guys

  • Well it might have to do with why you were away, or the content of the texts he sends, but I don't think it's necessarily just for sex.


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  • I had a similar situation where I kinda messed up and had sex with him too soon although I did really like him. He told me he would be busy with university work before we actually we had sex and he generally got more distance at first it was not too bad,but then it became two months until I saw him last week. He planned to meet up with me twice before he left to go back home for the holidays and he never followed through with either of the plans and I made myself look pathetic because we both know that I know he blatantly ignored me especially when I text him about our plans. I find him doing it again now where he text me and then I text back and he never replied back. To be honest when he stopped texting me and seeing me during that time I did find it was me who was the problem, I was making myself look so pathetic and letting him win. Everytime he would text me Id text back and end up back at square one where I was being ignored. To be honest you will know if he is just using you for your body,i'm guessing you guys have had sex and he only messages you when he wants you in his bed right?. If you ask me I'd say cut him off and make it look like you don't care. I know it's hard however it the long run it will work out so much better because if not you're going to keep on going round in circles with this guy, like I am with mine and it just leaves you feeling more sh*tty every time. I'm doing that with this guy I'm seeing now because until I saw him last week I was doing fine and now I'm back at square one feeling sh*t about it. You need to show him you don't care and that your fine without him and if he comes running realising what he's missing then it's his fault.

    • im trying that, I didn't reply to him when he said we should hang out

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    • im sorry your guy is such a d*** to you. you deserve better.

    • I know,it's a crap situation but I can't change who he is sadly.I can't show him that I'm upset about the whole situation, but no one is worth that much pain and effort when it just leaves you feeling sh*t no matter what.

  • Why do you hate him?

    Have you guys hung out

    • idk if I hate him, but when we do hang out I always feel like sh*t after..