Is he looking for a hook-up?

So I met this great guy in the middle of December, we hung out a few times and it was a lot of fun, he seemed quite interested and the feeling was mutual. We text-ed between Christmas and New Years then silence.. Two weeks later I run into him on campus he says ''Hi'' waves and walks on, 5 minutes later I get a text and he wants to hang out.. We agree to have dinner and watch a movie at my place on Sunday then yesterday he texts me ''I am working til 8, is that too late for you?'' He suggested Sunday himself. Can anyone tell me he is the least bit interested or am I fooling myself?


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  • My guess is he blanked on your name and didn't want to admit it.


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  • Hmm I don't know. How old are you both? Seems like he is interested but there's a couple red flags. I don't know many people that think 8pm is too late for dinner and a movie. And to suggest another time before you've even responded to tell him if it was a problem or not is odd. And if I was texting someone I liked and ended up running into, I wouldn't wave and walk away. I would walk over, say hello and give them a hug or something. Whatever you do, don't have sex with him; not until you know if he actually cares about you or not. Because there is that possibility that he is playing you. And if you hook up with him, he gets exactly what he wants and then what are you left with? Just wait it out and see a bit. If he doesn't actually behave as though he really likes you, then just let it go and find someone who does.

    • I'm 20 and he is 25. We hung out and he didn't try anything so I am taking that as a good sign. Now all I can do is wait and see what is going to happen

    • Sounds like a good decision